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Nude & Nudist Boating
Nude & Nudist Boating

No, nudism is not all naked nymphs and nude Goddesses.  
But we tend to focus close-in on teens and otherwise fit nudist men and women, though you see in broader beach shots the unmediated truth--not everyone is has Olympian beauty. It doesn't mean the unfit can't enjoy themselves on a nudist beach.  But we won't offer page and page of unfit nudists when so many other fit and attractive examples arrive daily in the submissions bin.

Nudist Camps - 24/7 Nudism At Reichsvolk
Nudist Camp Life

24/7 Nudism  
Living 24/7 "naked" in a nudist camp way takes some getting used to, especially around teen girls and younger women (predictable responses often occur in males). Nevertheless, once acclimated you forget you're naked.

The Nudism Life Of Girls
Nudist Teens

Nudism's Main Event  
Of course nudism is for everyone, but who would deny one of the pleasant aspects of nudist recreation is the mixing of generations? Respectful admiration is fine, with emphasis on "respect."

 Pure Nudism

Nudist Beaches World Wide
Nudist Beaches Worldwide

Nudism is not a fantasy world. 

Rather, it's one of the fastest growing recreations around the world, though "recreation" is a misnomer. Nudism, in its purest form, is simply a means of enjoying the elements and nature without clothing. Nothing could be simpler. At this very moment there thousands of naked people of mixed gender and age having a perfectly good time. To them it's not a fantasy, just something they enjoy doing.

Urban Nudism - New York, Munich & Beyond
Urban Nudism

Urban Nudism
There are seemingly as many forms of nudism as there nudists. From "adult nudism" (such as at Hedonism II) to family nudist camping (all over Europe), interpretation of the nudist life is a matter of each to his own. Most find it an exciting way to interact with the elements and feel a sense of community around other nudists. Nudists tend to be happy, self-assured people. Sure, there are the fringe elements, the lurkers and gawkers, but you'll find them on any beach, clothing optional or nude. For the most part, naked people quickly become accustomed to communal nudity (forgetting to "Bend your legs!") and might even take greater notice of the bikini-clad girl walking by than the nudist teen (mystery?). You get used to being naked, and it's always a bit of a downer at day's end when the clothes come back on (unless you're at a nudist resort or camp).

The best way to know whether it's for you is to have a good, long look at the lifestyle, caringly edited by actual nudists.

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Extracts From The Nudist MagazinesThe Free Nudist Sun
The Free Nudist Sun Celebrates Body Freedom 

Let's face it. Digital cameras are everywhere. If you've been on a nudist beach in the last five years there's a good chance you've been featured somewhere. It's called a nudist 'outing." Most people take it in stride. However, if you find yourself inside and don't wish to be, we do happily oblige.

Newbie Nudists
German nudists vacationing in France, backpackers spending their parent's money in Thailand or Goa, Hedo,  our daily galleries and features cover a broad range of nudist activity and recreation all over the world, delivering an all-inclusive look into the world of nudism. We endeavor to deliver a satisfying blend of the nudist experience covering all aspects from traditional to New Age.